Equity Release

You’ve spent years looking after your house; caring, repairing, tending , extending. Perhaps it’s time that your house paid you back?

We provide advice to clients looking for equity release solutions in Oswestry, Shropshire and beyond! While it won’t suit everyone, there are many over 55’s who could benefit from releasing equity from their homes by taking a lifetime mortgage. How? Here are some fictitious examples that reflect real life scenarios that we see often:

  • Repaying debts: Simon and Fiona are retired, and had no way of repaying their interest only mortgage. They raised funds to repay their mortgage, and to have some spare cash in reserve
  • Enjoying retirement: Chris and Sarah raised funds to enhance their lifestyle in retirement. They want to travel now, whilst they are fit and active
  • Helping the family: Tony and Mair had no savings. They raised a lump sum deposit to help their children to get onto the housing ladder. They also now have the option to take additional lump sums too

What will it cost?

We charge a flat fee of £975 for arranging a lifetime mortgage.

Our fee is very competitive when compared with most of the advisors that you will find online.

Integrity and eithics are everything to us, as our existing clients will attest. We never ‘hard sell’ or pressure you to go ahead with anything; if we don’t think equity release is right for you we will say so.

Throughout the process we are available to help at any time, and you are always welcome to visit the office or give us a ring at any point. We aim to take you throught the whole process from start to finish, and will be on hand to help with anything that you may face throughout the process.

Is there such a thing as ‘free’ equity release advice? Of course the answer is no! Some online advisors will state that their advice is free, however the condition of this is usually that you take a lifetime mortgage with a higher interest rate, which is often more expensive in the long run.

Popular reasons for taking equity release (source: Age Partnership 2018)

– Repay mortgage (32%)

– Home improvements (20%)

– Consolidate debts (10%)

– Help the family (10%)

– Better lifestyle (5%)

…there are currently no stats for world cruises!

Common questions….

  • Do I still own my home?

Answer: Yes, with a lifetime mortgage you retain full ownership just as with a conventional mortgage

  • Can I move home?

Answer: Yes, you can ‘port’ your lifetime mortgage with you

  • Could I end up owing more than my home is worth?

Answer: No. We only recommend lifetime mortgages with a ‘no negative equity guarantee’

  • Do I need to make repayments?

Answer: No. However, you can chose to make payments to cover the interest, or to gradually repay the lifetime mortgage if you wish.




We are a local family run business. Talk to us face to face about whether equity release might suit you, and how you could benefit. No pressure, no obligation, just unbiased independent advice.

The FCA says: Please note mortgages on and equity released from your home will be secured against it